SnoopaVision: April Fools from YouTube

Today is the day I hate. Where everything is a lie. Things I read on social media reach a level of absurdity that somehow make you want to go back to the normal weird level of Facebook. On a day like this, where people are scheming to make jokes, your darn sure that some really lame stuff comes out. Read more

Marketing Spotlight: WatchMojo

Today’s spotlight is a YouTube channel that I’ve been watching for about five years now. They do a great job with their content and till this day I’m still really impressed how they have made a business out of their videos. The channel is called WatchMojo and it is often what I find myself wasting my day to. For some people its Netflix, for me its often WatchMojo. Read more

Marketing Spotlight: Sarah’s Scribbles

I love when I see authenticity –¬†Oh god, I sound like a snooty artist –¬†especially when it comes on Social Media. Whenever I find something I really like I do my part in really enjoying the moment, the content provided and I will definitely talk about it. So today I’m going to talk about one of the best pages that I love to follow. Read more

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