5 Events in September To Use in Your Social Media Strategy

Getting ideas for social media is a lot easier when you tune in to what is going on in the community and in the media. Keeping up to date on everything can be extremely difficult though. I’ve compiled a list of dates and events in September that your business can take advantage of for your social media campaigns. Read more

How to Incorporate TV Shows into your Social Media Strategy

TV is still a big deal. Netflix, mobile phones and tablets may be more prevalent, but nothing draws more attention than TV. People still tune in for big events like the Super Bowl, season finales and of course just the weekly ritual of catching up with your favorite characters. These shows are an extremely integral part of our lives and often what shows we watch build our personality. This is where businesses can hone in and start creating their own personality and make a connection with their customers. Read more

Auto-Sharing: Increases Efficiency, Decreases Quality

The business environment right now is all about life hacking and efficiency. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, it is a life saver. Having to operate a business, manage a workforce and at the same time, be expected to create a successful complete marketing campaign is just too much. Personally, I run a marketing and design agency and handling marketing for our own business is hard enough. Read more

Best Way to Schedule Posts for Different Social Medias

In our post about auto-sharing I talked about how relying on auto-sharing leads to ineffective social media strategy. The post ended by saying that auto-sharing is one of those tools that is a necessity, however it has become a shortcut that has sacrificed a good social media culture.  Read more

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