Top 10 NFL Commercials (Non Super Bowl)

Football is back baby! Cue the music! (I have the theme song if you really want to get in the mood) This marks a great time, games every Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Sitting on the couch, eating nachos and screaming at the defense to make a freakin stop! Writing this makes me want to kick up my feet as we speak. Read more

Two Guys Bringing Back Good Marketing

That’s all we are trying to do. I have been doing this whole marketing thing for a while now and Ron has been designing even longer. What we care about is helping people, specifically business owners. The reason for business owners is because the whole entrepreneurial business world is an extremely personal one for Ron and I. Every business had a dream behind it, a person behind it. People seem to forget that. There is this common notion that all businesses are just an entity of four walls and conniving owners behind them, scheming to milk every dollar out of you. Of course, there are always bad apples, but the small business community is so much more than that. Read more

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