February 22, 2016 Jason Khoo

Good Content is Like Having a Good Personality

Yesterday I participated in 2 Twitter chats. To be specific they were #viralchat and #mediachat. While in these chats, we discussed the topic of content and influencer outreach. A question came up about how important content was to building a following.

I replied with the following tweet and got a pretty good response from the other participants.

I decided to go a little further and discuss the topic a little more. The reason I relate content to your personality is because when it comes to the online world, content is where you truly engage with our visitors. Your website can look real nice, amazing graphics with modern styles that make you look like any hot shot start up from silicon valley; but at some point you need your visitor to do something. This can be sign up for your email club or for a free trial. If you notice, one thing becomes constant though, your at some point going to have to deliver some sort of content, whether it be an email, whitepaper or your actual product.

How Content Is Like Personality

Similar to the real world, where you can be the most perfectly built human specimen with an outfit that screams, “ON FLEEK!” and a voice that the muses sing about in the legends, but at the end of the day you’ll have to have  a conversation. This is where personality dictates. What do you talk about? Are you paying attention to what your conversation partner is saying? Do you have nice things to say?

That’s the same thing with content. You can offer the latest greatest visuals and graphics and deliver timely emails. What matters most though is what your talking about, your personality. Personality is a lot of work too, it is introspection into who you are. Are you trying to be a better person everyday? Do you give other people the attention and the care they deserve? How much do you care to really improve your personality.

If You Care, People Will Care

Content is the same. Its about how much you care. Will you put in the time to write something that respects the time of the reader? Will you take the time to edit the piece so that it isn’t sloppy and is structured in the most optimal way for the reader to retain the information? Is the content itself of high quality and value?  If you really care, you’ll work on it. You won’t be the best from the start, but just like your personality, people will see if you are trying. They appreciate that.

So check yourself. Is your content reflecting a good personality?

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