October 6, 2015 Jason Khoo

How to Update/Add My Business Listing on Factual

Factual has a pretty unique method of adding your business compared to that of the other database companies. With the help of Local Visibility Systems and Phil, I was able to figure out how to get listed. Below you’ll see the step by step on how to do this.

Note that you are unable to claim your listing on Factual. Your main purpose is to ensure that your information is correct.

1. First Look to Find Your Listing on Factual’s Database


2. If You See Your Listing and Need to Edit Or You Don’t See Your Listing Go to Update/Add Business


On the second form you’ll see “Have you already found your listing in our places data”. Click “Yes” or “No”. If You click “Yes” then you’ll be prompted to fill in your Factual ID in addition to what you are trying to correct.


If you click “No” then you will fill the form out as usual.

3. Once You Fill Out the Form, Hit “Submit” and You will be Done


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