April 11, 2016 Jason Khoo

How Your Business Can Participate during Appreciation Days

Its hard to think of how to give value. Everyone tells you to do it, but that is like when people say be healthy. What does that even mean? Well today I have some quick ideas on how to get your business to participate in global or community celebrations and to provide value. This will help save you from those days of creative and content back log.NationalAppreciationDaysNational and International Appreciation Days

Appreciation Days are made to remind the world about what is important to us. Therefore as a business, you are a member of the community and the world. You have an obligation and a right to participate in this appreciation well. There are many things that the world and your country celebrate throughout the year. These celebratory days offer your business an invite to pay respect and give value.

Its similar to inviting the new neighbor to the birthday party. It helps break that social wall that so many of us get stalled by.


For God Sake, Be Authentic

To continue the birthday party analogy. When you get invited to a birthday party, remember you are in a social situation where many people are meeting you for the first time. This party can help you create life long friends or make you into that neighbor that everyone tries to not see when they get in and out of their car.

So What Should You Not Do?

Its not about you. Its a birthday party, so the birthday boy or girl should be getting the attention and presents. Keep that in mind. For your business, don’t go on talking about yourself or what new special you have. Don’t make laughable coupons that clearly show your trying to get some more money. You know the ones. Deals like, “Mother’s get 10% off any full priced item over $300”. We’ve all seen it and its embarrassing.

What You Should Do?

Be present, have your business actually contribute to the national appreciation day. So if its International Women’s Day, talk about the important women in your community. It can be a customer, an employee, or even someone who doesn’t work with you. As long as you take the time to honestly and authentically do that, your business has done what it needs.

If you have a hard time figuring out how your business may fit into an appreciation day, don’t force it. There are so many of them, you can sit them out and wait for one that truly means something to your business.

Where I Can Find These Appreciation Days

These appreciation days often sneak up on us. I hate it too, because sometimes the perfect one comes up and before you even realize its here, its already the end of the day. Well I’ve listed some resources that should help you keep track of the appreciation days.

National Appreciation Days | International/World Appreciation Days

If anyone else may have some resources to contribute, please let me know and I can add it here for other users.

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