September 20, 2015 Jason Khoo

How To Claim My Business Listing on Superpages

To claim your business on Superpages it is a pretty simple process. Below will take you through five simple steps on how to claim your business on Superpages.

1. Go to and Click “Get your Free Listing


The button is at the way bottom of the site on the footer. If you can’t find it, you can use the link here.

2. Input the Phone Number and Find Your Business


3. Select the Business That is Yours and Fill/Correct the Fields as Needed

If your business isn’t listed, click “select” to the right of Add Your Business.


You will need to create an account if you do not have one. At the bottom you will see this form.

3. Select the Business That is Yours

4. Click “Continue” And If You Have an Account You Will Be Asked To Sign In Or You Will Be Sent a Confirmation Email



5. Business Listing Claimed


From here the business listing is yours. When you click “continue” you will be taken to a dashboard that will allow you to make any changes and edits you need.

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