May 9, 2016 Jason Khoo

To Be a Marketing Powerhouse, Build Habits. Marketing Habits

When your in marketing, you enter a world that borders the world of creativity and data. Saying this, the success of your marketing stops becoming systematic and more about your ability to leverage creativity and talent. This is a constant battle that I have to fight as I specialize in internet marketing and SEO. This conundrum has made me try to balance a level of creativity that can help create original content for clients while also harmonizing that with a commitment to tracking and analyzing data.

Why Basketball is like Marketing

MarketingIsLikeBasketballAfter constantly dealing with this for months and trying to apply this perfect relationship to clients, I think I’ve had a recent breakthrough. I thought to the NBA and basketball, which has been my favorite sport for years. I thought to the way the game is played. For the untrained eye, the sport looks like a beautiful play of athletes soaring through the air, balls whizzing through air and grown men striding with a sense of grace and power. While you watch them, you can’t help but think how easy it is. All they are doing is jumping and putting a ball through the hoop.

But of course, if you have ever tried playing basketball with no experience, just dribbling a ball is one of the most difficult things. To get even close to the level of those NBA players, to be able to dribble and run through the lanes and hit a jump shot, it takes practicing of about 3 to 4 different skills.

This is where I started to make the connection between basketball and marketing. Marketing has much of the same issues, a field of data, conversion rates and creative content. Basketball is a game of percentages, athleticism and of course, creativity.

Build those Marketing Habits


The point I am trying to make is that, even when it comes to marketing for your business, it will be all about forming habits and working on the fundamentals. Having a transcendent marketing campaign will be nearly impossible if you are expecting to simply copy what you see. It requires constant practice, constant trial and error. However, soon dribbling a ball or running an email campaign gets easier and easier. Soon it will be second nature to you and then your off and running on bigger and better things.

Once you start putting this all together, your business can start getting into higher level campaigns. With a knack for social media, content and search engine optimization, you can start engaging with other businesses and creating bigger and better campaigns. Things like social media campaigns will feel easy and you’ll then begin to participating in bigger and better campaigns that will make other people peg you as their model company.

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