March 18, 2016 Jason Khoo

Marketing Spotlight: WatchMojo

Today’s spotlight is a YouTube channel that I’ve been watching for about five years now. They do a great job with their content and till this day I’m still really impressed how they have made a business out of their videos. The channel is called WatchMojo and it is often what I find myself wasting my day to. For some people its Netflix, for me its often WatchMojo.

What Makes Them So Great?

What’s best about WatchMojo is their consistency and relevance. I think they currently publish 3 videos a day, which to me is insane, but that just shows you their commitment to their content. Every piece of content is formatted in around Top 10’s and Top 5 lists. These lists have a wide variety of topics like the Top 10 Movies, Video Games to fun facts about really anything you could possibly think of.

Here’s a video of them introducing themselves.

Why Do I Like Them So Much?

If I can explain myself for a couple seconds, you’ll understand why I like this channel, however weird my reasoning may be. First off, I’m not a gamer. I use to play video games, but even when I did, it wasn’t serious. I just liked to lounge around for a bit and play games. Nothing competitive. Nothing serious.

So looking at today, I still don’t even come close to gaming. I’ll play my 360 every so often, but its not very much. This is where it is a little weird. I love WatchMojo because I love watching their Top 10 Gaming Videos. They have an extremely thorough list of videos that have the Top 10 everything video games. It can range from Top 10 First Person Shooters to Top 10 Video Game Enemies.

Like I said, I don’t even game, but these videos offer me a glimpse into a world that I can enjoy.


What My Business Can Take Away From This?

The point of the post isn’t to bore you about my weird gaming relationship with WatchMojo. The point is to show you all the possibilities of content. WatchMojo strictly revolves around the format of top 10’s. They stay consistent with their content. You know what you are going to get with each video. What I love though is the creativity.

It’s really hard to think of new topics. Just like when someone tells you to write a blog post, its really hard to pull a topic out of the bag. Well WatchMojo has always inspired me when it comes to topics. You can always splice a topic. They don’t just do Top 10 video games. They do Top 10 Video Game Heroes, Top 10 Video Games for the Xbox One, Top 10 Hardest Boss Fights, and so on.

So remember, there are many layers to your business as well. You can cut and splice it to make it fun and interesting. It doesn’t have to be in the standard same format you’ve seen in the industry. You can change it up. Do a top 10 theme, a spotlight slideshow or incorporate fun games into your content. 

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