April 4, 2016 Jason Khoo

Marketing Your Marketing

Whether your an entrepreneur or a business who has never conducted a marketing campaign, your going to run into a problem. The only solution is marketing your marketing. Its a phrase I coined during my time at my university. The best way for me to explain what this means is by providing an example we all most likely have faced.

The Situation

Your newest product is close to being ready. You and the entire company are excited to see everything come together and this product might just be one to elevate your business to another level. Naturally, with a product that is so great, you need to have a marketing campaign so as many people can hear and see the greatness. Actually the marketing campaign needs to be as great as the product. That would be the only route to do the product justice. Just like Apple right? The iPhone was part of the most iconic campaign that the advertising world has ever seen, our product needs to go through the same.


Let’s Get Started

So its decided. Our business will shell out some awesome marketing campaign. How hard could it be? We have imagination. We have creativity. We’ve seen the best ad campaigns. We can do this!

With this invigorated sense of power, the following is assembled:

  • The Catchiest Most Creative God Dang Slogan
  • A Beautiful Graphic That Would Make Picasso Nod
  • Copy That Would Make Tina Fey Cackle

The dream team has been assembled. With slogan, graphics and copy all put together, the moment of truth is now. You are going to show the world the greatness. Likely, Facebook is your first route. For many it is and it isn’t a bad place to start. Over a billion users are on it. Quite literally your grandma, aunts and uncles are on it. So literally everyone.

Moment of Truth

Everything is set. The image is ready on Facebook, copy written and now all you have to do is hit publish. And like any overdramatic action movie, your finger feels numb over the mouse. Knowing that all the work both on the product and the marketing came to this.



Feels pretty amazing doesn’t it.

Here’s the Catch

Shoot. We forgot. The Facebook page only has 100 likes. And according to Facebook stats, only 10% of your following actually sees your post. Welp, now we have a real situation. We put so much work on all the marketing material, but now that its out there, we’re showing it to 10 people?

Wasn’t exactly what you thought of when you thought of the world.


How Do We Fix It?

Marketing Your Marketing. Yeup, we’ve come full circle. This is what I mean by marketing your marketing. The whole essence of marketing is to spread awareness about your product/service/business. However, many people forget the most effective aspect of marketing is getting the attention of people. And it can’t just be anybody. It has to be people who are relevant and a part of your target market.

What we need to do is get your message spread to those identified targets. We need to market your marketing campaign.

Marketing Your Marketing

There is no one way you have to do this. There are a bunch of recommended actions though. For example, you need to go do some outreach. Find communities that would be interested in your new product. Go ahead and start fielding interest. Of course you can’t go in there guns blazing, you’ll have to build some rapport.

In addition, you can find influencers who may find your product exciting or relevant to their following. They can then spread your message and awesome slogan farther.

How Does This Help?

Well for one thing, this helps you grow that Facebook audience beyond that 100 likes. Marketing your Marketing forces you to start growing your audience. By joining communities and reaching out to influencers you start building awareness back to your business. Therefore, people will see that epic slogan you made.

Marketing your Marketing is what will give you the audience to witness the great marketing campaigns you’ve created.

How To Prepare for Marketing Your Marketing

Its all about identifying communities that match our target markets. The best time to start marketing your marketing is as soon as you can. Build rapport and relationships with influencers and those who are in the community. Contribute, give value. Thus you build trust and once you do have something ready to show the world, people actually know who the hell you are. I’ve already written a lot about this topic and you can read more about it here.

Wink-animated-gifSo if you’ve ever been in a marketing stall, don’t worry, your not alone.

There are things that you can definitely do to get past it!




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