May 11, 2016 Jason Khoo

What Music Artists Teach Us About Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a highly technical term that really is only used by the online marketing and blogging community. At its core, it  means you as an individual, or a business, writing or contributing on another entities marketing channels. A common example is a website specialist writing a post for a company that helps small businesses start. The post is for the company but it is written by the website specialist.

There is a spectrum when it comes to guest blogging, but the point is you are contributing and collaborating.

The Music’s Industry’s Form of Guest Blogging

You see it every day. Just look at America’s Top 40 and you’ll see it littered all over the list. What I mean is songs that have featured artists on the title as well. Let’s take a look at the top half of the Top 40.


Notice the Orange Arrows

All those pointed out with the orange arrows signify songs that have another artist featured.

If you think about many other songs that hit the radio, many of those usually include guest artists and other featured DJ’s and singers. These features allow these other artists to get exposure and allows them a foot in the door.

In a business and marketing sense, that featured artist is getting marketed and access to the audience of the artist they are working with. Many a great pop stars have used this route to gain fame. Remember, Bruno Mars? His first song on the radio was actually a feature. He was on the track, “Nothing On You” by B.O.B.

A more recent example is Charlie Puth. He was featured on the track, “See You Again”. This song was the famous tribute song to Paul Walker from Too Fast, Too Furious by Wiz Khalifa. A relative no name to the mainstream music industry, Charlie Puth sung the chorus of the song and helped the track stay at the top spot in the United States for 12 weeks. This feat is only trumped by a handful of songs who have stayed on longer. Some of these songs include, “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men. Now Charlie Puth has backed up this feature with two more additional songs that have hit the Top 40. A perfect example of how an artist has been able to ride the coattails of another artist to help their rise to stardom.

The Benefits of this Collaboration or Guest Blogging

Just like Charlie Puth or any of these other stars, you get to showcase your talent/expertise to a new market. The benefit of doing this is that because the other artist/business you are working with already has an audience that they have built repertoire with. The audience trusts the business and their recommendation is important. It has the same power as a friend recommending a product or service to another.

So on a business sense, identifying potential partners and being able to contribute valuable information, can create opportunities like this.

Don’t Worry It Helps Both Sides

Collaboration and guest blogging is a win win situation. It also gives the bigger player access to its partner’s audience. Though that may not be as impactful because of the size of audience there are other benefits. In order to maintain an audience and to keep them committed to you, you cannot keep churning out the same information. More value must be provided in the relationship.

So if that business can find partners who can educate and provide even deeper information on other topics that are related, it benefits the big player. The big player now is not only seen as an expert, but it also means that they have a good network to provide is audience.

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