May 27, 2016 Jason Khoo

Organization is Key to Marketing

Failure in marketing isn’t about effort or creativity. Failure is lack of consistency. Consistency means the business staying committed to campaigns the whole way through. Excitement usually fades and people fall back into their old habits. Soon marketing is forgotten. Its like anything else really, diet or a fitness program. The way to get past this burnout or to stay consistent is to create organization.

Write and Jot Campaigns Down

The best way to ensure that your business stays committed is to write it down. Have it on a platform that you are comfortable with. This can be a notebook where you jot down numbers. A more common way is to keep things on Excel. Its easy from here. Write some instructions for yourself.

Remind yourself what conversions look like or your business’s KPI’s. Then provide yourself a table where you can update numbers, daily, weekly or whatever period of time fits you. Create reminders for yourself that remind you to do certain tasks. Thus on your calendar make a note to update your log. Another way is to have an email reminder sent to yourself on that day.

Review Results Consistently

The best way to stay engaged and excited is to continue to see yourself progressing. Thus, look at the numbers every time you update them. Take some time to just think how this affects your operations as a whole. Are things looking good so far? Can they be better? Should we be making adjustments?

A word of caution here. You don’t want to be making changes too fast. Most marketing campaigns take a while to set in, let alone to start seeing major revenue changes. The best method is to start making annotations and jot ideas down on how you may decide to do things different if the numbers don’t look great. It is always a good idea to have conversations with your peers or coworkers to get their opinion and discuss it with them. When you have those conversations, it makes the whole operations much more exciting while also holding you accountable.

Make That Habit

What often kills campaign is that they get left to the back burners. There is just so much other things to do so to sit down and to constantly be thinking of new ideas or execution seems like a waste of time. What this means though is that you are digging yourself a hole. Companies who treat marketing as a daily task that is constantly worked on will continually have results and will continually build.

Every time you drop the marketing and try to pick it up again, you have to start over again. Every time you want to do a new campaign, not only do you have to build again, but you also have to get back in the flow of things. Honestly, what usually happens is that you spend 10 to 12 hours focusing on this and essentially your off to a great start. The next day, week and month you never touch it again because your a little scarred about how much work you had to put in that first time.

Treat this like a work out or diet. You know the rules to success. Quick schemes fail quickly. What you need to do is to make it a habit. If you yourself can’t, make sure that your business has someone that has the time and resources to do so.

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Jason Khoo

Jason is a graduate from California State University Fullerton's Mihaylo Marketing program. Starting his career in marketing consultancy as a sophomore, Jason went door to door asking businesses to give him a chance. From then on, Jason has been helping businesses understanding the vast bevy of marketing and online tools to help accomplish business goals on behalf of his clients. Jason writes at Ron Wave Design, his personal site and at medium (@jasonjkhoo).
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