February 15, 2016 Jason Khoo

Call it a Resolution Or Don’t. It Doesn’t Matter

“A war is being fought right now and the good guys are losing. That war is the internet and we’re all equal players.”

The internet provides all of us a safe haven for hopefuls and dreamers to finally act on achieving success that was otherwise un-accessible to people who wanted to make it big. So really, people like you and me are who I am talking about. Add to that the unbelievable fast growth of social media and the overall nature of the internet being so much more complex, but also more opportunistic.

The romantic would like to say the internet and social media era have allowed a community of sharing and education which ultimately has benefited the quality of life for us all. Every day people can now become publishers. But of course, the pessimism. Like any great opportunity, the situation has been misinterpreted and exploited. Marketing has become a system of templates where there is only one way to do things. So called thought leaders and experts are inspiring millions online to follow practices and strategies that will ultimately fail. Compound that with the relative ease of hitting the “publish” or “post” button and we have on our hands a Cluster F*ck.

This leads me to what I want to talk about.

You can call it a resolution or you can call it the inevitable. At Ron Wave Design, Ron and I work extremely hard to provide superior, ethical marketing for our clients and subsequently the community. However, to sit back and not say anything is only contributing to the ultimate problem. So we are putting our foot down. We could be using every excuse in the book, but screw them, I am going to write. I am going to write daily so that Ron and I can provide an outlet for business owners to learn about marketing, but also to be an example to all businesses and marketers out there in terms of commitment to good content.

How did something like this even come up? Well, within the past three months, I’ve had a pretty sobering time in terms of growth personally and professionally. Like any obstacle, it has become a great opportunity for me to learn and form new habits. One of those habits is to ensure that I am putting in the time to stay committed to writing and creating content.

If you want to be great you have constantly perfect our craft and to better our work.

Well I want to be great and so I’m going to do this. So from here you can expect daily posts on my behalf. I’ll discuss hot topics in marketing, giving my two cents and doing my best to help educate and give my spin on the topic. This is a natural part for myself to continually push myself and the company to be better so if it interests you, you can watch my battle in building this new habit and overcoming the obstacle that is content.

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Jason Khoo

Jason is a graduate from California State University Fullerton's Mihaylo Marketing program. Starting his career in marketing consultancy as a sophomore, Jason went door to door asking businesses to give him a chance. From then on, Jason has been helping businesses understanding the vast bevy of marketing and online tools to help accomplish business goals on behalf of his clients. Jason writes at Ron Wave Design, his personal site and at medium (@jasonjkhoo).
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