March 4, 2016 Jason Khoo

Marketing Spotlight: Sarah’s Scribbles

I love when I see authenticity – Oh god, I sound like a snooty artist – especially when it comes on Social Media. Whenever I find something I really like I do my part in really enjoying the moment, the content provided and I will definitely talk about it. So today I’m going to talk about one of the best pages that I love to follow.

Its called Sarah’s Scribbles.

It is a page that is run by, you guessed it, Sarah. She is a cartoonist and illustrator from Brooklyn who draws comics based on her life. All of them are extremely humorous and really help you feel much better about this life that is a jumble of stress and pressure. I first came across these comics when I was 9gag, but slowly it started to populate my Facebook as well.

After loving a handful from my past social media sessions, I decided I had to find the source. It didn’t take too long though when I found Sarah’s website.

First let me show you some of my most favorite illustrations she has done.

12079720_1068415173178127_6983904538834270745_n 12227010_1086664554686522_7862751751895228285_n 12418041_1130111177008526_7205231270672089717_nThe reason I love this page so much is because of its personality and brand. When you see these comics you can almost feel like you are talking directly with the illustrator. She exposes truth and brings about aspects of life that may not be relatable to all of us, but are definitely something that we can all find amusement to. Personally, the comics don’t depict my life 100% but I have an older sister who had a really big influence on me, who fits in this target market.

Deciding Your Target Market Makes You More Attractive

This leads to an interesting finding. Just because I don’t fit in this target market didn’t mean that Sarah’s Scribbles excluded me. To be honest, it was more effective because the comics are consistent to the personality of the whole page and “brand”. I really don’t like using the word brand, but because we are discussing business, I’ll drop the term. Anyways, note that the comics definitely depict a personality and character we can often find in our circles. It might not be you, but you probably know someone like the protagonist in these comics.

That’s why I love it so much though. These comics ooze with personality and humor. Each one does such a good job representing the target market of the cartoonist and her audience. I can’t help but love what I see.

What Sarah Can Teach You About Business and Marketing

This is where we can tie this back into business. You don’t have to bend over back to try and market to everybody. People respect those who can stay true and committed to their own personality and brand. When your doing work for your business, remember this. Its not about pandering to everyone. Its about pandering to who you are, who your customers are and people will come not because you are trying to be like them. They want to enjoy and try to be like you.

I want to end this post with my all time favorite Sarah’s Scribbles post.


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