I’m not going to waste anytime to tell you how important social media is, because you wouldn’t be here unless you already knew that. The issue about social media is not whether you should do it, but which social medias your business should be pursuing. At Ron Wave Design, our focus is on ensuring your business engages in effective marketing practices that stays true to the business and to your customers. We’re not here to tell you that you need to be on all the social medias and that we need to start today. The culture of our agency is one of transparency and bottom line. We don’t want to waste your time and resources on social medias, hoping that after a couple years it brought some revenue in.

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

It seems a little frustrating, being able to use social media on a personal level, but not being able to get the same traction for your business. Don’t feel bad, social media marketing is a whole other system when compared to personal use. Actually, marketing on social media should never be conducted the same ways you would use your own. There is a flow, a science and a culture that exists in social media.

By harnessing your brand’s personality while respecting the norms of each social media, small and medium sized businesses can take comfort in knowing that they are being properly represented socially online. Social media marketing isn’t just a simple formula and auto-posting. For us, it is a real life conversation. We go out there, shake some hands, develop talking points and get conversation going. By providing the design and structure, business owners can finally have an avenue to get their thoughts, specialties and stories onto social media.

Here are some of our conversations about Social Media Marketing

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