Social Media Is About Consistency Not Quantity

Last night I conducted a social media audit. The point of the audit was to better understand the current social media presence for a client that Ron and I recently had signed. The new client’s major emphasis was Social Media. They wanted to be a part of the social media game, so naturally I needed to see how all the competitors were doing. After looking through about 8 different companies and all of their social media accounts, it offered a nice reminder to what separates the good from the bad. That thing is consistency. Read more

Facebook Won’t Save Your Marketing, But it Certainly Helps

A couple months ago I was trying to plan a little birthday event to be able to reconnect with old friends. I spent some time researching locations, asked for recommendations and then created a Facebook event page. I went through my entire friends list and invited a whole bunch of people. Like any business, I thought creating that Facebook events page would be good enough. People would come, no problem. Read more

5 Events in September To Use in Your Social Media Strategy

Getting ideas for social media is a lot easier when you tune in to what is going on in the community and in the media. Keeping up to date on everything can be extremely difficult though. I’ve compiled a list of dates and events in September that your business can take advantage of for your social media campaigns. Read more

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