How to Release A Product

Everyone wants to hit a home run. For anyone who plays baseball, obviously home runs aren’t everything. There is a lot more to the game. You want a good bull pin, people who can get on base and a defense that doesn’t commit errors. There is a lot to winning a baseball game. For marketing, its the same. Very rarely is it just one thing that will get you a win. I recently came across a case by Google and how they used marketing channels accessible to small business to advertise their products. Read more

SnoopaVision: April Fools from YouTube

Today is the day I hate. Where everything is a lie. Things I read on social media reach a level of absurdity that somehow make you want to go back to the normal weird level of Facebook. On a day like this, where people are scheming to make jokes, your darn sure that some really lame stuff comes out. Read more

Top 10 NFL Commercials (Non Super Bowl)

Football is back baby! Cue the music! (I have the theme song if you really want to get in the mood) This marks a great time, games every Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Sitting on the couch, eating nachos and screaming at the defense to make a freakin stop! Writing this makes me want to kick up my feet as we speak. Read more

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