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Top 10 NFL Commercials (Non Super Bowl)

Football is back baby! Cue the music! (I have the theme song if you really want to get in the mood) This marks a great time, games every Monday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Sitting on the couch, eating nachos and screaming at the defense to make a freakin stop! Writing this makes me want to kick up my feet as we speak.

For small businesses the start of the NFL season offers a great opportunity to take advantage of the fandom. Have viewing parties, contests and specials. People love to go out and watch games, be the place that everybody wants to go to watch.

Well enough of that, I want to get to the fun stuff. In the spirit of the NFL season Ron and I have chosen our top 10 NFL commercials that aren’t from the Super Bowl. That deserves a list of its own. Enjoy!

10. NFL Shop Commercial – Eagles Mascot

Coming in tenth is your classic plot to sneak in as the mascot. The problem is, you probably need to pick the right mascot.

9. NFL Network Commercial – 4 Months Ago

Ah yes, the beauty of predictions. Oh so hopeful, yet usually oh so wrong. Though a little outdated, this commercial is the bomb because of how wrong all these people were. For example, Raiders? Really? And Drew Brees not on your fantasy team? Big mistake.

8. VISA NFL Commercial – Go Football

Nothing like a commercial that just makes you just want to scream, “AMERICA!!!” Filled with American flags, colonial wear, and some good ol football, this VISA commercial will make you proud to be who you are.

7. Play 60 – Cam Newton

We love to help people until they turn on us. That is pretty much what is going on here, Cam Newton, helping kids be active. Problem is, what if that kid is gunning for your position, life and even family!

6. Reebok Fantasy Football – Chris Chambers

Always great to see athletes do amazing things that we only wish we could do. An oldie, but nevertheless a great commercial that makes you want to go outside and start catching some footballs.

5. This is Sports Center – Adrian Peterson Assistant

One of my personal favorites. A great cameo by a viking with some sass and assertiveness that we like to see in all of our assistants. The last line is what makes me laugh the hardest. “He’ll be with you, when he is with you.” YES!

4. NFL Budweiser and Bud Light – The Vase

The ol’ pull the chair. You think your going to see some camaraderie between NFL fans, but you see a misunderstood botched field goal. I feel bad for the man who will have to explain to his family why the vase is gone. Like they will believe the story.

3. Carl’s Jr. – Terrel Owens

My personal favorite, this commercial is one of the best! Taking a step away from the typical, show off a well endowed girl eating a burger, this commercial features Owens surrounded by well endowed girls. Of course there is more though. Break ups happen, even in sports. Sometimes people have to leave and Owens was one of them, but Philadelphia sure didn’t appreciate it. Its okay, Owens looks like he is dealing with it okay.

2. VISA #MyFootball Fantasy – Drew Brees

I remember when I tried catching my first football. I thought I was superman, going to just rock this sport. My ten year old friend threw me a pass, I jumped out of the way, ducking for cover like someone had threw a cannon ball at me. So you can just imagine catching a throw from an elite quarter back like Drew Brees must feel like. You go Saints fan, yo go.

1. Nike Football – Leave Nothing

Have you ever just wanted to go outside and just tackle somebody! Well this is the commercial for that. A commercial that pretty much epitomizes the word epic, you’ll feel like Football is the most athletic and tough thing you can do. Of course, it finishes with an epic quote fit for the movie, 300, “Leave Nothing.” Brrrrrrr!!! Just writing that I get all the chills!

In Conclusion…

If you think that we may have missed a commercial comment with your favorites! We can always make some changes.

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