March 25, 2016 Jason Khoo

Why You Need to Follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat

We haven’t talked much about Snapchat at Ron Wave Design. However, for today’s post, we had to get into it. The reason is because of one man. His name is DJ Khaled. Yes, I’m talking about that one guy who was on all those songs from 2006 – 2010. You know the ones where he’s randomly screaming, “We The Best!”

We’re Not Joking, Give Him a Follow

Your a business. This is serious business. I get it, but Snapchat is its own beast. It necessitates and thrives on creativity. So if you think that you can just apply the same principles of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you are mistaken. That’s what leads me to why DJ Khaled actually offers a good case study of how to do social media marketing on Snapchat.

He gets it. He just does. The man’s snaps are all a little ridiculous, but their amusing as hell. In all his snaps he takes it upon himself to help guide his fans on the road to success. Here’s the kicker, its all satire. The man is clearly putting up a front, a character that he needs to portray on his Snapchat. He talks a lot about getting hair cuts, watering his flowers and ensuring that he has his Apple Ciroc.

Some Examples of DJ Khaled’s Greatness

Honestly, now that you have seen the snaps you can completely understand what I was talking about. The man is just hilarious. The combination of truths, absurdity and his delivery pretty much just make the most amusing compilation of 10 seconds ever

Why Do I Consider It Successful

I hear a lot of people immediately batting away the validity of success for DJ Khaled. They say its just a man who is messing around. That is where you are wrong. Or if I could borrow the words of DJ Khaled, “You Played Yourself.”

DJ Khaled has used his snap story to rise back to relevancy. Millennials and the generation Z all are big fans of the man because of his snaps. His marketing has even branched beyond Snapchat. He has videos on YouTube that have hit the viral networks. This is one of my favorites.

Relevancy means that he gets more endorsement deals and more opportunities to be in movies, songs and so on. I have even heard my friends say when they go out they order Apple Ciroc just because they see it on DJ Khaled’s snaps.

This isn’t a fluke. DJ Khaled is not just some idiot figure who doesn’t know what he is doing. The man is making money with 10 second snaps. You could learn something from him.

It’s Easy for DJ Khaled, He Is a Star

Of course the elephant in the room is that DJ Khaled already has a huge following so for him to get a big following wasn’t that hard. You’ll need to deal with that. But again here comes Khaled with a good lesson. By no means is the man the most famous hip hop artist. There are many others who are more relevant, bigger and I guess you could arguably say better. What has helped him blow up on Snapchat though is his awesome Snapchat.

I’m a Business Though

It does NOT mean that you can’t learn from DJ Khaled. The man needs to make money too. All you need to think about DJ Khaled and how it applies to your business. How can you provide a channel that will have branding and personality. You think of DJ Khaled and you will immediately think back to his Snapchat and terms like “THEY DON’T WANTS US TO BE HERE” or “MAJOR KEY!” DJ Khaled could easily promote himself and his music, but rather he goes beyond that. Now it may all be a front, he may just be treating everyone like idiots, but at the end of the day, he keeps people engaged.


Major Key 🔑

Be like DJ Khaled. They don’t want us to make money on Snapchat. If you thought that you can’t do business, congratulations, you played yourself.


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