July 27, 2016 Jason Khoo

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect; Just Always Improve

Something I’ve learned through my years of doing this search engine optimization thing is that every year you have to be learning. New changes are made. Technology gets better, search engines update their algorithms and new, better programs are made to better do the job. Its just the nature of the industry. Those who refuse to move with the quick pace of the industry, quickly become obsolete. Recently though after a chance conversation with my gym owner, he reminded me that its not just SEO, its all fields.

Expertise isn’t #1. Its the Relationship.

It happens. Confidence can wane and it is one of those weeks where my confidence was a little shaky. Its normal I hear in entrepreneurship. Talking to my gym owner who that very night was closing his training center due to increasing rent prices offered me sobering advice. He had been doing it for 7 years. I had been doing it for a little less than a year.

Sitting there in his office, before he would turn out the lights one of the last time he told me, its not about being the number 1 expert in the world. He said, its all about the relationship. Just like at his gym, he could be the best athlete and physically built person in the world, but if he does not care and spend time working with the members, then it means nothing. This field is the same. Actually everything is the same. Its not about being the best for your own intellectual gain, but rather being the best for the customer who is using your product.

Marcus said “For my business, I’d rather know that you aren’t the best, but you are actively trying to learn more and finding new ways to do things because it means you are invested in me and trying to help my business. If your the number one SEO in the world, I don’t know if you are really in it for me, or if you just want my money because now your number one.”

This got me thinking about all products and services we use in our everyday and you start to realize, it really is the same everywhere. When you buy a car, you know that you are buying a car that will be maintained and you are buying it from a company who is always working to keep their car with the times. So really it isn’t only in marketing and SEO. Its really in everything. We are buying things because they are always changing and evolving. What we care about is not the expertise from the person we are buying from, but rather their involvement and care in the relationship.

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Jason Khoo

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